Here at Gaming Gauntlets we own and operate 2 official Twitch stream teams and have several more under our wing that we work with in order to provide opportunities to their members. If you own a Twitch team or lead a community of streamers looking for opportunities within the game space and want to onboard your community with us, feel free to reach out to our staff!


The Gaming Gauntlets stream team provides free game keys, paid campaigns, a team to grow with, and a community to call home for influencers looking to begin a career in the game space. We educate and empower influencers of ALL sizes with opportunities to monetize and teach them what it takes to land jobs within the Industry. This team is designed for serious gamers that are motivated, driven, and looking to make a name for themselves.

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The Twitch Throwdown stream team is our community team. It's a more relaxed team style that's designed to provide access to opportunities for streamers of all sizes that they would otherwise be excluded from. We work with sponsors to give away free equipment for our streamers to level up their gaming. We also provide tons of FREE game keys and prize pools.

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